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Wouldn't the best thing in the world not be a thing at all, but TIME by yourself to relax and recharge? How does feeding an alpaca, daydreaming next to a waterfall, writing to personalized prompts, walking in the woods, or just napping in a hammock sound? Feel like you're on vacation without going too far away. We are passionate about sharing our family farm in Huntersville as a space to walk gently & find happy. (Feel free to come with friends or come alone.)


"Out of 10, I give it a 100! Best birthday ever!"

– - the Birthday Girl

Whoever reads this.... just know, you’re in for a treat! Most relaxed I’ve been in years! Better than a massage! Your Hostess with the Mostest will not disappoint ! Enjoy and remember to look up!

– -- a Happy MeTreater

"If I could come back tomorrow, I would!"

– - Farm Fun Explorer

"Walk Gently definitely brings the goodness. The Porch of Goodness is a magical place for writing. Or reading. Or sleeping..."

– --Farm Fan for Years

"You've heard of Chick Flicks, but when's the last time you hung out with a Chick Flock?"

– --RackO, the Head Hen

“One thing I would have done differently is left my computer at home & left my phone in the car...I loved bringing home peace.”

– --MeTreat Retreater

come visit!

We are located in Huntersville, just north of Charlotte, NC, about 5 minutes off of I-77 or 485.
walkgentlyfarm @ gmail. com

footnotes: our blog

Thoughts from the farm, updates on experiences, who knows what all we'll start writing?

holler if you need us!

walkgentlyfarm @ gmail.com

thank you for reading:

as we are a small farm in a wonderful private neighborhood, we limit our experiences each month. thank you for taking that into consideration before requesting to change your registration. we also keep a wait list in case of last-minute cancellations.