Walk Gently Farm

Walk Gently Cap


Well, it's more than a hat.  You'll be smarter, cooler, and more relaxed just by ordering it.  Wait and see how cool you are when you put it on your head!  And a word of advice--you might want to order extra for when somebody "borrows" yours permanently.  That's been known to happen...

Check out these specs if this sort of thing is your jam:

  • Embroidered logo
  • 6-panel, unstructured
  • Matching sewn eyelets
  • Adjustable brass buckle closure
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Econscious donates at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes
  • Econscious is a proud partner of 1% For The Planet, Green America, OTA, and Rodael Institute
  • If you actually read all of that, a tip of the hat to ya!