Walk Gently Farm

Wanna do the Chicken Dance?  This spotted chicken will dance with you.  (See also: our thoughts on a "happy chicken" revolution in the blog.)  

Our collection of needle felted animal sculptures includes our beloved farm animals as well as animals that bring people comfort around our planet.  Each figure seeks to capture the true essence of its species with special attention to shape, markings, and color.  The LANART expert needle felters in Peru have years of expertise in this craft, and continue to create each with artistic pride. Due to the handcrafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations.

About the ARTISTS:  "LANART's detailed craftsmanship has been our tradition since we started in 1979. Our experience is evident in the unparalleled quality, which brings out the child in anyone. Super huggable and totally irresistible, our marvelous plush animals are ready to embrace anyone young or old.  LANART never harms animals in the ethical procurement of any raw materials for our products. It is an honor to be able to work with these peaceful, sweet creatures and their amazing fiber. We are against mistreatment of alpacas and all animals."