Walk Gently Farm


Imagine the views from the top of Montblanc.  Now imagine someone rubbing your feet all the way up the hill.

Whether a gift to yourself or gift to someone else, somebody's feet are getting a gift. Made in the USA, these are soft, high-quality alpaca socks to help retain warmth, absorb and wick moisture away from the skin and keep your feet healthy.

Alpaca is the best natural fiber for socks. It is a hollow fiber, which is a key advantage to socks in particularas it multiplies the benefits. Your feet will stay at an optimum temperature, so you can do the things you love no matter the weather.

Baby alpaca is super soft, doesn’t rub, constrict, or bind. It will help prevent blisters, and won’t irritate sensitive feet. The breathability of this natural fiber makes it a suitable sock for most of the year. 

We use certified 80% baby alpaca yarn in all of our socks. This high content percentage retains all the wonderful natural qualities of alpaca. Order your alpaca socks today!

  • Anti-microbial for less odor Lanolin free – don’t need frequent washing
  • Water repellent – naturally wick moisture for dry feet
  • Hypoallergenic – no itch, good for those with wool allergies
  • Superior breathability – wearable in a variety of climates
  • Super warm – hollow core insulates
  • Flame resistant for extra protection
  • Machine wash cold, air dry
  • We proudly manufacture our socks in North Carolina, USA