Walk Gently Farm

MeTreat FAQs



  1. Will I get bored?  I'm not used to having nothing to do.
  2. I'm sort of shy.  Am I going to have to talk with a lot of people?
  3. Can I come to a MeTreat with some of my friends?
  4. What will we eat?
  5. What should I wear? 
  6. What about if it rains?
  7. What should I bring?
  8. Will I be able to ride a horse?
  9. What about if I don't want to leave?


1. Will I get bored at a MeTreat?  I am not used to having "nothing" to do.

  • Well, let's see.  Might your "monkey mind" come along for the ride and start throwing a bunch of thoughts your way?  If you set down your laptop and phone for a while, will you start having FOMO?  Will you wonder if you're doing this MeTreat "right"?  Maybe to all of that.  AND it will be wonderful for you to watch it all unfold and still sit in whatever you'd rather spend your time doing. 
  • You and I will talk before you come.  I listen to what you want to get out of your time and then plan accordingly, customizing the retreat for you.  (I'll offer options when you arrive AND you can ignore every single word and do something else like sit in silence all day instead if you want.)  
  • To give you some other ideas: you may want to work on a project and would like me to check in as accountability throughout the day.  You may want to read some inspiring books.  You may want to sit in a hammock and stare at the trees until you fall asleep.  You can do all of these things or nothing at all.
  • If you're feeling like your artistic side needs to come out to play, I'll have an art-play area where you can choose to: paint rocks, paint on canvas, color, write to prompts, sketch, paint on canvas, do wood burning, create a vision board, & more.
  • You'll have a bazillion places to just "be:" bistro tables nestled among the trees, a wagon wheel bench, lounge chairs in pastures, hammocks, rocking chairs in a gazebo, more rocking chairs on the front porch, swinging day bed on the porch of goodness, whisky barrel in the barn (empty!), table by the pond, table by the pool, hanging chairs on the deck, chairs by the chickens, and more!
  • So, you can come and find plenty to do or come and find nothing.  It's up to you, it's YOUR MeTreat.  But no, I don't think you'll get bored.

2. I'm sort of shy.  Will I have to talk with other people?

The only times we will all be together is at the beginning and end of our time.  During those gatherings, I will ask a few simple questions (like your name and at a high level what you'd like to get out of the day) so we can know who we are sharing space with.   I also give everyone a free pass from feeling the need to do small talk if you cross paths with anyone.  This is a MeTreat and everyone can shed the "social graces" of being with others or solving others' questions or any of that.  I will offer lunch for you to eat with others or take to your favorite spot on the farm.  It's glorious if you're shy and a fun chance to just be by yourself even if you're not.

3.  Can I come to a MeTreat with some of my friends?

Well, you could....but I would recommend you consider coming on different dates.  It would be easy for you to turn the day into chit chat with each other and not give you a chance for your own retreat.  If you wanted to come to the farm together, maybe consider a long dinner with the alpacas?

4.  What will we eat?

For breakfast, we'll have farm fresh (very fresh) eggs, sausage or bacon, fruit, coffee, and juice.  For lunch, we'll have a salad bar (including chicken).  For snack, we'll have fruit, nuts, some sort of salty, and tea.  Finally, please bring your own water bottle, but we will have cold well water that is delicious for refills.

5.  What should I wear?

Clothes that can get dirty, especially sneakers/boots!  (There is no red carpet anywhere around here, just red dirt.  LOL)  We will be outdoors 95% of the time, so dress accordingly. 

6.  What about if it rains?

Our plants will be happy.  Seriously, maybe you'll want to dance in the rain??  We have a tin roof on our barn and a swinging bed on our Porch of Goodness that are glorious places to be during rain showers.  We will also make sure to have an indoor space available. If you'd prefer to reschedule, I understand.

7.  What should I bring?  

A mask & water bottle.  Your liability waiver and emergency info (especially allergies).  Optional: small pillow, blanket/thick towel for sitting on the ground, book, journal...


8.  Will I be able to ride a horse?  

Nope, but we will try to check in with & pet all of the animals (including the horses) that we can.  Our horses are rescues and are still not great with riding.  Better to just enjoy petting their noses.

9.  What if I don't want to leave?

There are hammocks for the woods.  You can hide out as long as you need to.  : )