Walk Gently Farm

Our MeTreats help you find what you are looking for: gentle space to just do YOU

$195 includes:  

  • Time to relax, refocus, & catch your breath

  • Place to be surrounded by nature

  • Coaching call beforehand for customization

  • Personalized experiences throughout the day

  • Opening and closing in small group, but the rest of the time you're on your own

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snack

PLUS all of these optional activities:

  • One hour of one-on-one coaching during your MeTreat

  • Guided meditations in nature

  • Animals to watch (alpacas, chickens, ducks, goats, horses, and more) & possibly interact with

  • Labyrinth for walking meditation

  • Art-play supplies: sketching, writing, painting, coloring, & wood burning

  • Walking trail in the woods

  • Creative places to sit and to nap (including a lounge chair in the alpaca pasture!)

  • Collection of books to borrow that are perfect for retreat reading

  • & more...



April 19, April 29, May 2, May 10, May 18, May 29  (limited to 8 MeTreaters)