Walk Gently Farm


This fabulous Mama Alpaca Fiber Sculpture is made entirely by hand by expert needle felters in Peru and stands 6.5 inches tall. Each little face is sewn and created with love. She comes in rich natural colors that reflect a small portion of her vast color scheme in nature. If you'd rather see a rainbow of alpacas, the artists have also added brilliant colors which they dye by hand in small batches to attain an intense hue. 

Just like the live animals, these little ones do well in herds. And if you'd like the best dressed alpacas in town, the custom hats are hand knit for our little friends, complete with ear holes, and sold separately. The Mama Alpaca Fiber Sculpture is finished with a loop for hanging or she may stand and graze. Due to the hand crafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations.

About the ARTISTS:  "LANART's detailed craftsmanship has been our tradition since we started in 1979. Our experience is evident in the unparalleled quality, which brings out the child in anyone. Super huggable and totally irresistible, our marvelous plush animals are ready to embrace anyone young or old.  LANART never harms animals in the ethical procurement of any raw materials for our products. It is an honor to be able to work with these peaceful, sweet creatures and their amazing fiber. We are against mistreatment of alpacas and all animals."