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Great Pyrenees Dog: Felted Alpaca Sculpture is part of the collection of pets.  The beauty in our domesticated animals is captured in each breed and type of cat or dog. These animals are realistic depictions, and this one has the sweet face of a little golden brown dog.  If you're lucky enough to have a dog like our GP puppies, Maisie & Reina, you know they are some of the sweetest faces around.  

This needle felted sculpture is made entirely by hand and proudly stands a few inches tall. She comes in a rich natural color that reflects her color in nature. This figurine has a loop for hanging or she may sit and play. Due to the handcrafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations. Just like the live animals, these little ones do well in packs.  

  • Made using certified alpaca fiber
  • We pay special attention to each piece
  • Artistically handcrafted by Grupo de Madres
  • Realistic needle felted soft sculpture
  • Fair Trade from Peru