Walk Gently Farm

Farm Tours FAQs



  1. What ages are tours designed for?
  2. Is it accessible for all people?
  3. What if I want to bring a troop or club?
  4. What is the difference between "Dinner/Picnic with 'Pacas" and "Eat and Greet?"

1.  What ages are tours designed for?  All ages!  And if they like to ask lots of questions, we can handle it!  (We actually love it!)  Just know that the younger they are, the more we’ll need your help with making sure their hands don’t go in their mouths after being with the animals & that they stay at a safe distance when we are up close to the animals.

2.  Is it accessible for all people?  We have stepping stones all the way from the gravel driveway to the barn, but it is not paved.  The Path would be tricky, as there are roots and stumps on parts of the trail.  We could bring the Great Pyrenees, the small farm dog, the chickens & ducks down to the driveway. 

    3. What about if I want to bring a troop or club for a Farm Tour?  Absolutely!  Get in touch with us with details and we'll be happy to work something out.  

    4. What is the difference between “Dinner/Picnic with ‘Pacas” and “Eat and Greet?”

    If you just do dinner, you will be able to spend an hour in the barn or out in front of the barn.  We will bring the alpacas close to you and give you some feed for them.  (They will almost always go for that!) We may even be able to put a halter on one and let you hold the lead line.  That experience will cost $60.  We highly recommend you add on the extra $30 for the Meet & Greet experience.  We give you a one hour Farm Tour (with a chance to get up close to all of the animals) for half price.