Walk Gently Farm

Picnic with a 'Paca

One of a kind, customized animal experience that depends on the season.  For example:
  • Date night like no other!

  • Pizza/Picnic with the 'Pacas

  • Pacas and Popcorn (Outdoor Movie Night) 

You'll dine with our alpacas either in the center aisle of the barn or outside, depending on the weather.  Alpacas are no help in the kitchen, so enjoy your picnic or take out!  Max of 6 people.

Choose either:

Eat (1 hour, $60) 


Eat & Greet (2 hours, $90) 

Before or after your meal with the alpacas, you'll be treated to a Farm Tour and have the chance to learn about, pet, & feed other animals on the farm including dogs, horses, chickens, & ducks! (Btw, we have lots of places for takeout within 5 minutes.)


'Pacas & Popcorn (2 hours, $90) 

We'll set up a projector & you can enjoy a movie under the stars with the alpacas close by (& maybe a dog or a chicken, too.)  Does not include Farm Tour or feeding all other animals.

Hey!   We're all ears for your ideas!


Please note: the number of experiences are limited because we are a small family farm, but write us with your ideal date/time, and we'll do our best to accommodate.  Max 6 participants.