Walk Gently Farm

about YOU

There's too much on the web about other people. Let’s talk about YOU!

If you’ve ended up on this page, our guess is that you are drawn to the idea of slowing down to the speed of walk so that you can be more present.  

We think you’re probably the type of person who loves giving high fives and celebrating little moments with your loved ones. We think you probably miss some people you haven’t been able to spend time with lately.  We bet you have some hidden talents & passions you haven’t done in a while, but that you have every intention of doing again someday!  

And in these challenging times, we think you might also relate to some of these thoughts:

We like to think that “walking gently” could become a movement.  How great if we all were to slow down, see one another, and be gentle with each other?  How great if we could be more gentle with our environment?  How great if we could be more gentle with ourselves?  

Just by stopping by to visit us, we already think you’re smart, creative, beautiful (or handsome!) and pretty darn cool all the way around. You're somebody we'd like to know, and we're here to inspire you to keep moving down your path. Come walk with us!