Walk Gently Farm

the four leggeds

more details and pics coming soon; we have to do a photo shoot with some of the family!

the alpacas

  This is Pacaya.  He is named for a volcano in Guatemala.  He likes to roll in the Carolina clay so he can look like lava.  But he's really white underneath all of that red!  He loves watching "chicken tv"--he lays down in front of their coop and just watches them walk around & squawk.  

the cats

the dogs

  These are our Great Pyrenees sisters, Maisie and Reina.  They are tiny puppies in this picture, but now they weigh over 70 lbs. (and they're not done growing.)  They have a job to do, & that's making sure predators don't bother the alpacas or chickens.  Reina's name means "Queen" in Spanish.  (And we got that from "Corona," which means crown, because the name Pandemic had already been claimed.)  She is the quieter of the two and loves being pat on the head.  Maisie is the goofball and as soon as you touch her head for pats, she flops on her back for belly rubs.  (That's one way to tell them apart!)

the frogs

the goats

the horses