Walk Gently Farm

Farm Tour Sneak Peek

If you're the type of person that likes more details, here's a sneak peek of the tour...

We do have cats and dogs (yeah, I know you probably have one of those, too, but does your cat do "sit" like a dog and dog fly through the air like a cat?  Does your dog weigh almost as much as you and have a job?) Hopefully you'll get to meet all 7 of our cats and dogs.

But for the more unique animals:

We usually have baby chicks, as an incubator "somehow" made its way into the barn apartment recently.  We also have 2 coops with a variety of unique breeds of hens and roosters (who knew there were so many breeds!) and often have beautiful feathers that kids can collect.

Sometime in the Spring/Summer we have the loudest Spring Peepers (frogs) and bullfrogs and therefore also tadpoles in various stages of development.  It's just adorable to see the babies; they are smaller than your pinky nail.

We have 2 ducks that we've raised from babies who are the greeting committee (aka bouncers), and they will usually come to your car and tell you where to park.  It is highly likely you'll see and/or hear the hawks and maybe even the owl that live in our woods.  And we have plenty of woodpeckers, cardinals, finches, titmice, hummingbirds, and more that visit us daily.

And then there's the horses, one of whom is a Spanish Mustang that looks like Spirit if you have a fan of that movie (the best movie of all time!)  The other is also a sweet and beautiful rescue, which we are huge advocates for doing.  See if your kid wants a challenge: part of a horse's foot is named for what animal?


In mid-late Feb, we are adopting 2 bottle baby goats.  We can't promise that everyone can feed, but if it's feeding time, some may get to help.

Finally, you'll meet the silly, goofy, humming alpacas.  That's all I can say for now.  You'll see what I mean!