Walk Gently Farm

FAQs for Birthday Parties


  1. What ages is this designed for?
  2. How many people can come to the party?
  3. Is it accessible for all people?
  4. What animals will we get to pet/feed?
  5. Will we be able to sit on a horse?
  6. What if it's raining?
  7. What should we wear?
  8. What about masks?
  9. May we bring food besides cake?


All ages!  (Just know that the younger they are, the more we’ll need your help with making sure their hands don’t go in their mouths after being with the animals.)

Though we can’t wait for bigger parties again post-Covid, for now we ask that you have no more than 10-12 people, including siblings and adults. 

We have stepping stones all the way from the gravel driveway to the barn, but it is not paved.  The Path would be tricky, as there are roots and stumps on parts of the trail.  We could bring the Great Pyrenees, the farm dog, the chickens & ducks down to the driveway.

We are not a petting zoo, so we can’t guarantee that everyone will take food & lovings from you.  However, we will have treats and food to share with most of the animals on the farm: alpacas, chickens, dogs, ducks, goats, & horses.

Nope, but we will check in with & pet all of the animals (including the horses) that we can.

Our plants will be happy.  Seriously, maybe you will choose to dance in the rain.  Please bring an umbrella and/or rain jacket in case we venture out, though we can do most of our activities in the Porch of Goodness and the barn. If you would rather reschedule, we can totally do that too.

We highly suggest wearing old shoes/boots and clothes that are ok to get dirty. There’s definitely no red carpet around here.  Just a lot of red dirt.

Yes, we will wear them when we are close together.  The only time they will be off is if you are eating or when we will all be more than 6' apart for a while.
Sure!  Here’s a list of some nearby restaurants:



Fast Food: