Walk Gently Farm

FAQs Farm Fun


Do you have teaching experience?  Yep!  Both Karin and Emily have teaching experience. In addition to plenty of animal & nature time, all Farm Funs will include Art, Reading, Writing, Science, a taste of meditation & fun.  Karin has taught and built curriculum for 5th-9th grades. 

I have a middle or high schooler.  Is there anything we can sign up for?  Yes!  We have a few times listed, and we can also customize for a private group if you have 6-8 people interested.

I have a preschooler or K/1.  Is there anything we can sign up for?  Right now, we don't offer sessions for younger kiddos.  We do have the Farm Tours, which are very informative.  I'm also open to ideas if you have a private group of Preschool-1st graders you'd like to brainstorm about.

May I sign my child up for more than one session?  Yes, you may bring them to as many as you'd like; activities are fresh every day!

I homeschool and want to do weekly Farm Immersions.  Can you do that?  Absolutely!  We would love to do a customized Farm Immersion series for a group (grades 2-12, preferably close in age.)  We have experience in building curriculum, exploring ideas, and having fun. We will do our best to accommodate the times and themes that work best for you.  Let's talk!  (P.S. Not "farm" related, but we both speak Spanish & could incorporate that as well.)

What if it's raining?  Our plants will be happy.  Seriously, hopefully your child will be ok dancing in the rain.  Please send an umbrella and/or rain jacket in case we venture out, though we will do most of our activities in the Porch of Goodness and the barn that day.

What should my child wear?  We will be outside 95% of the time, so dress accordingly: clothes that can get dirty, especially those shoes/boots!  We may be painting, digging in the dirt, or doing a messy science experiment.  (There is no red carpet anywhere around here, just red dirt.  LOL)  

What should my child bring? A mask, snack, lunch, water bottle, blanket/thick towel for sitting on the ground.  Must have a waiver & emergency info (especially allergies) on file.  Optional: eno hammock, small pillow, a magazine or book (I will have some here as well.)