Walk Gently Farm

FAQs for Farm Tour & Picnic with a 'Paca


What ages are tours designed for?  All ages!  And if they like to ask lots of questions, we can handle it!  (We actually love it!)  Just know that the younger they are, the more we’ll need your help with making sure their hands don’t go in their mouths after being with the animals & that they stay at a safe distance when we are up close to the animals.

Is it accessible for all people?  We have stepping stones all the way from the gravel driveway to the barn, but it is not paved.  The Path would be tricky, as there are roots and stumps on parts of the trail.  We could bring the Great Pyrenees, the small farm dog, the chickens & ducks down to the driveway. 

What should we wear?  We strongly recommend clothes that can get dirty, especially shoes/boots.

What animals will we get to pet/feed?    We will have treats to share with all of the animals on the farm, but we can’t guarantee that everyone will take food & lovings from you. 

Can I do a Movie Night/Pizza Picnic with the 'Pacas, even if it's not a birthday?  Absolutely!  To put it simply, up to 6 guests can come for 1 hour to eat with the alpacas ($60) or 2 hours ($90) to give you time to watch a movie or do a Farm Tour. ($90) (If you'd like to bring between 7-12 people, let us know and we'll work out a special rate.

What about if I want to bring a troop or club for a Farm Tour?  Absolutely!  Get in touch with us with details and we'll be happy to work something out. 

What is the difference in just a "Farm Tour" vs. “Dinner/Picnic with ‘Pacas” vs. “Eat and Greet?”

If you do a Farm Tour, we will be with a variety of animals as we take a tour through the property.  You will be able to get up close to & feed alpacas, chickens, dogs, ducks, goats, horses, and maybe cats.  We will offer them treats and love pats, and we will see what kind of a mood they are in as far as snuggles!  The Farm Tour costs $60.

If you just do Dinner/Picnic with the 'Pacas, you will be able to spend an hour in the barn, much of that time with the alpacas with you.  We will bring the alpacas close to you and give you some feed for them.  (Time with them will depend on how they are feeling.  For instance, they can get anxious if there is a lot of noise/movement.)  You'll have an hour to hang out, eat a meal, and send the alpacas a kiss goodbye on your way out.  (You will not go out to meet any other animals.)  That experience costs $60.

We highly recommend that you combine the two for the "Eat & Greet experience."  Along with the Picnic with the 'Pacas, you'll get a half-price Farm Tour for a total of $90.  You'll be here for 2 hours and experience all of the above.    


Are there any good restaurants close by?

Here are some restaurants within a 5 minute drive:



 Fast Food: