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We are a family of four living on a small farm close to Charlotte, NC.  We have a herd of animals that you would expect to find on a farm…plus alpacas!  Not too long ago, we read that alpacas are unique animals in that they "walk gently." They don't pull grass out from the roots & they don't destroy the pasture with heavy hooves.  And their faces!  Can you look into those big eyes and heart shaped noses and not have a smile break through?

We loved the idea of people "walking gently"—being gentle with themselves, taking more care with each other and being kinder to the earth.  We loved it so much that it became the new name of our farm and the reason we have decided to share it with you!  Whether it's feeding a newborn goat or feeding your soul at a MeTreat, we want to inspire you with ways to walk more gently, live more purposefully…and find more happy.

Follow us on Instagram (walkgentlyfarm) and see pretty much daily clips of our animal's shenanigans.  

And in our Footnotes blog, we will introduce you to some of our favorite places, things, and people. Who knows what all we'll write?  But we bet somewhere along the way our stories will have a connection with you, and we look forward to hearing all about it!

Feel free to email us at walkgently@ gmail.com with anything you want to share or ask!

Welcome to the WGF herd,

the Solomonson Family

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& Chad

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