Walk Gently Farm

Birthday Parties

“DIY” Party at the Farm : $150

  • 2 hours to bring your party to the Walk Gently Farm
  • Guided Tour with fun info about our animals: alpacas, cats, chickens (sometimes chicks), dogs, ducks, frogs, goats, & horses
  • T-shirt for birthday guy or gal
  • Also…space for celebration/tables & chairs for 12 and an area in the front yard for outdoor game

ADD ON: Just Show Up (Decorations & Cake) : $95

No stress—we’ve got you covered.  You won’t have to plan or prep or string up or buy food or anything else.  “Just Show Up” means just that.  You do nothing but arrive and enjoy.  Includes:

  • Birthday decorations
  • Cake & ice cream
  • Drinks & cups
  • Plates, napkins, utensils

    ADD ON: Scavenger Hunt : $95

    Really want to do something unforgettable? Add in a customized Scavenger Hunt. Our superpower is making hunts, and the one we design for your son or daughter will take players all over the farm searching for clues and doing fun tasks. We promise nobody will be sitting still.  Also includes prizes for winners.

    NOTE: Due to COVID, we will be outside for the entire party, and everyone will need to wear a mask.  We ask that you limit to 12 guests, including all adults and siblings.  We can reschedule if the weather will make it impossible to enjoy yourselves.   Participants will need to sign a waiver before any farm activities.  We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

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